Friday, March 23, 2012

A Finish!

The first quilt I ever made took me (can't believe I'm admitting this...) 6years!!! I started it not knowing anything about patchwork or quilting and in my defence I also had 2 babies and moved continents twice in that time. The funny thing about it is I used a pattern from a book titled "Kid's Quilts in a Weekend"!!!! Took me slightly longer than that :)

This is the second quilt I've ever made. It's not even a cot siz
ed quilt, just big enough to cover my baby niece for trips out in the pram or car seat. No fancy quilting, just some straight lines in the ditch. But I must admit I'm quite proud of getting it done start to finish!

After all my designing quilt blocks lately, it felt a bit like cheating to use a pattern and only one collection of fabrics, but maybe my third quilt can be a more creative one.

I used this pattern from ModaBakeShop and a charm pack and yardage of Domestic Bliss.
It's a lot brighter than the fabrics I usually go for, but my sister likes bright and I quite love the aqua and eggplant coloured prints. The backing is definitely
my fave print from this range.
This will be off in the post next week just in time before the weather turns cooler.
And yes, I will show you that other quilt sometime!


  1. it is so beautiful, kylie!! i LOVE it! how exciting and proud you must feel to have finished your second quilt!! i'm sure you sister will adore it!!

  2. This is gorgeous K! I totally love it! Hope you are having a lovely weekend

  3. It turned out lovely! Love the domestic bliss prints. Nice job!