Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ho Ho Ho..!!!

I have a small person at my house who love to dress up as Santa :)
But really. How YUCK are those santa beards that come with the cheapy suits from the shops?!!
That fake, synthetic furry stuff grosses me out. And it's never long before they're full of unidentified sticky stuff and turning a strange colour. Not to mention the fact that they just don't fit so small a face!
So I made him this........

I used this tutorial as a guide for the basic shape but changed it a little to add the scallopy edge for a curly beard look and adjusted the size right down until it fit my small honeybee. Getting the mouth hole in the right place was a definite plus (now he can breathe)!!
To avoid sticking cotton balls all over it (as requested by small Santa!) I also added some curly stitching to give it texture. Luckily this seemed to satisfy!

I did try to get a pic of the beard being worn but one little model was just NOT in the mood!
Do you have a little Santa at your house?


  1. We have a Sugarplum Fairy at our house! But she has been known to pop a Santa hat on from time to time... I love the beard you made, it's gorgeous!

  2. Oh, how sweet! A Sugarplum Fairy!
    I can just picture her dancing around your house :)