Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Letters to Santa

Have you written your letter to Santa yet?
I have been on an ornament making kick lately.  Just the thing to get me in the mood for Christmas decorating.  I saw some cute little knitted letter ornaments here and was inspired to make some fabric ones.   I decided to make mine letters to Santa.  I have plans to make one for each of my children to hang on the tree so they can put little letters into them.  I have a feeling the elves might come along at night and take them off to Santa ;)

I've been having a lot of fun choosing fabric to fussy cut for the stamps and the envelope lining.

What have you been making for Christmas?


  1. Those little envelopes are adorable, I love the fabrics you're using. I've been busy making things for Christmas too but not for me, for the children's area in the local library where I'm a volunteer.

  2. They are awesome!!! I think they are perfect for Valentines Day, too!

  3. I am a pet parent, as a pet parent we always have our animal write his letter to Santa. I really like how all of these decorations look. I really like the fabric look of all of the envelopes to Santa. And this is a great idea for anyone with children.

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  4. The designs which you made on these letter are looking gorgeous. Thanks for the sharing and just keep up the good work.

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  5. I think you should change the white cotton yarn to the gray one so it can be hidden into the fabric.
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