Saturday, February 25, 2012

Birthday Ballet

My youngest daughter, Eve, turned 4 last week. I'm feeling happy/sad about that. Proud at how gorgeous and bright she's growing but sad that my baby is getting so big. She has just started ballet for the first time too, so we had a bit of a ballet birthday for her.
I made her this ballet bag using Ayumi's (PinkPenguin) fantastic lunch bag tutorial. It really is a great pattern. So easy to follow and it makes such a cute little bag. It's the perfect size for ballet shoes, a leotard and tights :)
Make sure you check out Ayumi's blog and Flickr photostream. She is so creative and I love everything she makes!
Then of course we needed cookies. I made these pretty tutus for each of the little party girls to take home with them. Evie decided to help when I was brushing them with pink lustre dust. She got just a little carried away, hence the pink blotchy bits! But you can never have too much sparkle on a tutu, right?!!
I was very happy to find these pretty ballerina cake toppers in a party shop. Just divine don't you think?!

Happy Birthday Evie! xx


  1. What a sweet bag! this batch of cookies is so pretty too! aww, happy birthday Evie! they grow up so fast. (I have no idea why blogger does that, sorry)

  2. Wow Kylie - those cookies look amazing & I love your bag! Happy birthday Evie - hope you have a wonderful day

  3. When you type on blogger above where your writing there's a color box and you probably hit it on accident so when it starts typing in color just hit the color box and pick black..HTH'S ..Mandy

  4. Hi Kylie - gorgeous biscuits and cakes and very cute bag :) I think what you've done is created a link with that writing - if you highlight it a little link box will appear and you can remove the link - I think it sometimes happens when you put text under a photo - it just seems to keep the photo link alive - hope this helps :)

  5. Thanks for the suggestions ladies! I seem to have gotten one section fixed but not the other. Argghhh! I'll come back to it tomorrow with fresh eyes and see if I can work it out.